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Half-Life — unofficial port of the famous 3D shooter. Download Half Life 2. This is one of those games that needs no introduction. The most cash, the most famous and most advanced at the time shooter is now available on android thanks to the efforts of craftsmen. All graphics, all gameplay and game mechanics are completely copied from the PC version, with it all the game gives a great FPS (frames per second) and goes without lags and any problems. For those who know, Half-Life – a full-fledged three-dimensional shooter with a huge game universe, an impressive Arsenal of weapons, a variety of enemies and an excellent storyline.

In the story, the game takes place on the territory of the scientific center Black Mesa (Black Mesa). The protagonist of the game – Gordon Freeman, a young and talented scientist working in the field of theoretical physics. During the experiments with the studied crystal there was a catastrophe, an explosion that destroyed most of the scientific complex. Survivors, including Freeman, were able to witness a terrifying portal storm that randomly opened and closed portals to a parallel world (the world of Zen). From there to our world began to get aliens, which will destroy Gordon.

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