Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Updated: May 5th, 2021 at 8:20 pm
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Grand Theft Auto V – this is another portion of adrenaline and extreme fun from Rockstar. After previous successes, the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto, the developers decided to please all fans of games for mobile platforms and released the legendary GTA V for Android.

Here before you is a mobile version of the famous computer game. Yes, we can safely admit that the mobile version, unfortunately, turned out to be somewhat weaker than what we could see on the computer, but it is at the same time good enough to be able to play and enjoy the game on a mobile device.

The map in the game is really big, so you can devote a considerable period of time, just to explore it at your leisure. Moreover, each location is different as its appearance and some features.

Still pleased with the availability of freedom in the game, here you have virtually no restrictions, you can both follow the story and give up on the plot hand, and create literally everything that you just come to mind. No restrictions and not close, everything is in your hands.

Also in the game a good selection of weapons, you will be available a variety of vehicles on which you can move around the locations. Well, still happy humor, which in the game on the one hand a lot, and on the other it is for the most part really funny, bright well, just good. Yes, you can call that humour, what we can observe here a thin, determined not to turn out, but in the form in which it is here presented, the humor seems mostly very good.

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