Beholder 2

Beholder 2

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Beholder 2 – your character soon learns the mysterious story, but not zapamatovat what in the passing game, the plot, the trend is in dependence from any step. In addition, it is necessary to perform because of the young worker that has practice and strives to perform always, in Order to rise according to the service ladder. In the final period you managed to demonstrate the perfect result, so you will be able to fall into the post of Minister. Break into an excellent perspective is difficult enough, you need to add a lot of effort and go into reckless action. The result must be punished in each case, so be ready to step into the evasion, to reflect on their own steps and make the right strategy. Do not forget that the selection is dependent only on you. If you yourself start as a Minister, just imagine how much money you will acquire, read and answer from others.

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