Banana Kong Blast

Banana Kong Blast

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Banana Kong Blast – select the desired time, in order Kong was able to proceed with the further the barrel and to the same extent to the finish. Let’s get subversive journey under the tropical thickets, caves, Nordby territories, sultry Islands and many other areas to deliver the animal is taken to defeat the criminals and, of course, after all, to be as well as allowed more appetizing bananas. The gameplay is about further, you should guess the perfect period to make a volley from the barrel of the gun and in this case your character will move a little in the future. In addition, use the sphere around, similar as well as the flight with grape rods, riding in the hydrophyte mountains and almost everything else.

The main thing is to touch the screen in time to realize the influence, it is quite easy and simple to cope with any step. In degrees to accept coins, make a set number to purchase at the Mall different objects similar as well as elegant caps. Make besides specialised degree, where you had to face with the chiefs, beating what you will deliver 1st with the animal. Banana Kong: Blast -these are 10 degrees in some areas, objects to change the external type and the hut of the main hero, multidimensional video graphics of the highest quality and good music, designed intentionally for the purpose of this game for Android.

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