Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the Face

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Category : Arcade
Developers: 10tons Ltd
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Tennis in the Face — this is a very fun arcade game where you play tennis and shoot at clowns. I do not know what the main character is so annoying clowns, but he mercilessly pounding their ball. But over time, clowns become smarter and begin to hide in remote places, and because you have only 3 balls, and a lot of clowns – you have to try. Try to hit the clowns in the head – from this you get more points and clowns funny fall in slow motion. Control of the game is simple: point your finger to the side of the flight and release your finger to shoot. The fun part of the game is the level and character design. Everything is done in cartoon style, and the main character reminded me of the same cartoon Beavis.

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