Ships of Battle Age of Pirates

Ships of Battle Age of Pirates

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Category : Strategy
Developers: Artik Games
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Ships of Battle Age of Pirates — this military strategy you will play the role of a pirate who dreams of becoming the most powerful and authoritative ruler in the Caribbean sea! Swim through uncharted territories, explore this beautiful game world step by step, conquer lands and rebuild your powerful Empire.

You will be able to get lands only participating in epic battles, choose tactics of conducting fight which will provide you a victory and seize new territories. At your disposal will be 20 warships, and you can improve their performance and become the most dangerous pirate in the Caribbean sea.

You will find addictive gameplay in which you can experience all the delights of pirate life. Here high-quality graphics, all models of ships are made in 3D, comfortable controls, as well as incredible sea adventures.

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