Russian SUV

Russian SUV

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Category : Racing
Developers: Koz Games
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Russian SUV — restore the required repair depot, engaged in transportation of various goods. Starting to play, you find yourself in the Russian hinterland, where you have to repair the old carpool, buy new models of vehicles and create jobs. First, choose a car, each of which is designed for certain types of work: transportation of sand, trees, concrete, products, etc. it is easy to Drive heavy machinery, there are arrows to make turns, gas, brake and handbrake, as well as engine control, light and camera, fuel level indicator and the General condition of the car.

Still pay attention to the mini-map, which marked available for this model of car work. Cope with transportation, earn game money and expand your fleet, which includes at least 20 cars. In addition, there is a special off-road racing mode, which will test how good your driving skills. In Russian SUV huge map, changing weather conditions and time of day, performing various works and participate in tournaments.

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