Robbery Madness – Robber Stealth FPS Loot Thief

Robbery Madness – Robber Stealth FPS Loot Thief

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Category : Arcade
Developers: Marek Klvaňa
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Robbery Madness – Robber Stealth FPS Loot Thief — a fun first-person game where you play the role of a thief. You will find a lot of fun elements, scenarios, characters and Hell. You play as a rookie robber, a guy who starts his career as a thief. His first task – the robbery of the shopping center, the goal – to steal some things for his new boss – the leader of a gang of thieves. A rookie burglar doesn’t have the tools to steal, doesn’t even know he needs them. And since he’s new to this business, he also lacks stealth skills.

His tactics are simple – he hides in the toilet and waits until the shopping center closes. When the Mall is empty, the thief goes out for prey. But the Mall has a security system that runs until the morning. As well as robot guards patrolling around the perimeter of the center. These robots are not so smart and look funny, but they have the best artificial intelligence in the robot market. Robots are able to talk to each other with beeps and show what they have in mind. Watching them, you can understand what they say about expensive things and secret rooms, providing some clues that can be used in a robbery.

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