Raidfield 2

Raidfield 2

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Developers: Raidfeild
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Raidfield 2 — this is an online game on the theme of world war II, where you can use soldiers, tanks, artillery and planes in battle. Here you happen to take part in intense online team battles with random players or inviting friends. Fight as a soldier with a certain specialization: assault, medic, heavy machine gunner or sniper, and try to control the tank and the aircraft, destroying entire houses and causing other significant destruction on the game map.

Suck fighters or equipment with the help of supply points to the maximum use of all available opportunities. No matter how you decide to play, the main thing to work together with the players from your team, then you will be able to kill enemies, capture control points on the map and eventually win the battle. In Android action Redfield 2 low-poly graphics in 3D, pumping up to 150 levels, several modes, dozens of ranks and achievements, the ability to play for different types of equipment and soldiers.

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