Radiation City

Radiation City

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Category : Action
Developers: Atypical Games
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Radiation City — it is a hardcore survival in the abandoned city of Pripyat 40 years after the Chernobyl disaster. Fate brings the main character to one of the cities, which is located next to the infamous nuclear power plant. Uncover all the secrets of this place and try to save a loved one. At your disposal a large area with an open world, which is full of dangers and mysterious anomalies. Wild animals, creepy monsters and unexplained phenomena are forced to be constantly in suspense, because the dangers lurk at every step.

Your task is to survive in this crazy world, so explore the buildings in search of resources. Look for places where you can wait out the dark and remember that there are no friends, only good weapons, equipment and vehicle can protect you. Radiation City game without exception will appeal to fans of action with elements of survival.

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