HyperRogue Gold

HyperRogue Gold

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Category : Strategy
Developers: Zeno Rogue
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HyperRogue Gold — You are a lonely traveler in a strange non-Euclidean world. Collect as many treasures as possible before the monsters kill You. Explore many different worlds with their unique treasures, monsters and other features. Your task is to find the legendary treasure, the sphere of Yendor. Collect it to win! However, you can not do this, but just walk around the world and collect smaller values.

The main feature of the game – an unusual geometry: this is one of the few games on the hyperbolic plane. This is evidenced by the grid of hexagons and heptagons; straight, looking parallel, diverge, triangles have a sum of angles less than 180 degrees; it is very difficult to return twice in the same place, and the world is very strange turns after each of Your steps. All this is important for the game.

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