Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror

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Category : Strategy
Developers: Plug in Digital
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Zombie Night Terror — this is another story about wandering troupes, but with an atypical tie. The world turned upside down the streets walking dead – a terrible sight. This will be the most terrible and strange night in your life. What caused the spread of a disgusting and frightening virus that turns people into soulless decaying bodies? The answer will seem something incredible. The source of the disaster is You! We’ll have to rethink something urgently…

Your main task is to quickly and efficiently spread the infection in the city. Cover the territory more infiniroute everyone. There’s a theory that if madness isn’t stopped, it’s worth leading. Humanity manifested itself over the centuries of existence is not the best and must be destroyed. It is important to clear the planet of such mischief as humans. Pacifists and altruists have no place here. Only tin and hardcore!

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