Castle Woodwarf

Castle Woodwarf

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Category : Strategy
Developers: Domagoj Bulat
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Castle Woodwarf — players can create, travel or participate in various battles here. Having tried once the taste of this virtual world, the player will not be able to break away from the gameplay.

In the wild environment is quite difficult to create normal conditions for life, but the player will have to show their abilities in the game “Castle Woodwarf” to survive and win. First you need to cut down the trees in the woods, because wood is an excellent material for construction.

Of course, your tribe also need to feed, so you can go fishing or hunting. Build a huge castle to be quite fast, because the opponents are also not asleep. Enemy waves can be repelled by using the resources of the castle.

Often the fish is not enough to feed the whole tribe, so fishermen and collectors need to improve in the first place. Woodcutters also need improvement, because most of the buildings are made of wood, which means that it needs a lot.

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