Battlevoid: First Contact

Battlevoid: First Contact

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Category : Strategy
Developers: Bugbyte
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Battlevoid: First Contact —it is an unusual, exciting strategy for Android. On your shoulders will be the management of the space station, which was attacked by hostile aliens. Install gun turret and equip the fighters. Get ready, ahead of fierce battles with a huge fleet.

The idea of fighting in space is trivial, but the performance and game mechanics are pleasantly pleased. As mentioned above, the game is related to the genre of strategies, but it is rather conditional, because the gameplay is quite original. Yes, it has strategic elements, but there is also something from the defenders, and, more surprisingly, from the bagels. In particular, for defense on the skin of the base must be installed towers, hangars and other structures. To win long battles will have to do pumping and improvement of all components of the ship.

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