Auto Chess Defense – Mobile

Auto Chess Defense – Mobile

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Developers: Master Chess
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Auto Chess Defense – Mobile — rethinking the classic Board game of chess with a wide selection of characters and unique gameplay. Initially, the game appeared as a custom mode for Dota 2. Having gained great popularity among players, more than 6 million installations, the creators of the mod decided to release it as a separate game for Android. The Chinese company decided to abandon the use of original characters from Dota 2, but most likely the set of abilities and common features in the design of the characters will be identical.

The battle involves 8 players, the size of the Board 8 by 8 cells and 8 more cells in stock. Donkey courier delivers heroes to the Board, he also collects items in a backpack, but does not participate in the battles. Your task is to buy heroes for coins, which you get by defeating rivals or creeps. Initially, on the field you can put one hero, but with the increase in the level of the donkey, the limit will be increased.

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