The Lonely Hacker

The Lonely Hacker

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The Lonely Hacker — a simulator that allows everyone to visit the place of the hacker of computer systems. The invention of computers and the Internet is one of the greatest achievements of mankind, which help many people to communicate with each other. As we all know, in the IT industry, too, there is crime, someone is using someone else’s information, steals important documents, breaking system, infecting the device with viruses, etc., these people are called hackers. This game is a unique simulator that provides brief information about how hackers operate.

Here will be shown boring at first glance the world of the hacker, but if you focus on the gameplay, you will find a lot of interesting things. You will receive an e – mail with the first task, it will lead you to one of the chats with a lot of text and information, as well as the address of the site that you want to hack and a description of what data you need to steal. You are not limited to any country, hack servers that are on different continents, thanks to the Internet. In addition, there are mini-games, winning them gives the game money and items to make it easier to perform more complex missions.

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