Top Drives

Top Drives

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Category : Racing
Developers: Hutch Games
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Top Drives — racing game for Android devices that will appeal to all motorists! Top Drives will test your knowledge of the world of cars and give you tons of new, useful information about your favorite models.

There are more than 1400 maps of iconic cars that you can compare, add to your own collection and test its ability on the track, competing with other players. Fill your garage with exclusive supercars, legendary old school cars and take part in intense races.

Supercars, retro mobiles, oil cars, hothatches and many other cars are waiting for you: Porsche 911, Nissan GTR, Audi TT, Mustang, Camaro, BMW M3 and hundreds more cars. Dozens of different locations will be available for you to check the characteristics of a completely different cover, whether it’s snow-covered mountain slopes or dirty, gravel areas for rally competitions.

Take part in exciting 1 on 1 races with players from all over the world and prove who is the fastest here. Improve the characteristics of your cars, learn the parameters of different brands, opening access to new maps and just enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of car racing. This game has high-quality 3D graphics, a well-designed and easy – to-use interface and an unprecedented amount of game content.

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