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Developers: Radiangames
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Scorcher — this ultra-fast arcade racing on the phone, where you need to fly a small space (or is it a kind of variation of the fighter?) ship as far as possible. The game has its own small drawbacks, and sometimes you want to run the powerlessness of the phone in a very real wall, but when you are not the first attempt, you understand the features of the local high-speed movement through the canyon, the arcade is guaranteed to reward with little comparable pleasure from defeating the gameplay. Dopamine flows like a river, adrenaline stirs the blood, and your supersonic ship pierces space, flying farther and farther away.The main thing in these races on the phone – do not touch the walls, because then the joy of flight will be replaced by disappointment from the disaster. The walls are merciless to you, pilot. But in this game you have to Dodge bombs, eat sharks and jump over giant worms. Such Affairs, comrade pilot.

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