Fast & Furious Takedown

Fast & Furious Takedown

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Fast & Furious Takedown — excellent race based on the franchise fast and furious with extreme driving fast cars. Join a team of professional racers to compete with your opponent at maximum speed. In addition, you not only eat by car, but also do risky tricks to get nitro-acceleration, for example drift making turns, jump on jumps, shoot down various stuff on the road and much more. Control of the machine is a touch of a finger, light movements you have to make quite dangerous maneuvers and all this in order to get around a competitor and become the leader of the race.

The player has at least 60 super fast cars, starting with powerful American muscle cars and ending with the Japanese classic JDM. Moreover, you will not just drive, but also to carry out a modification of the car in your garage to show outstanding results during the next races. Compete on the roads not only with the computer, but also with other players to dominate on the way to the top of the global ranking.

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