Talking Tom: Splash Force

Talking Tom: Splash Force

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Category : Arcade
Developers: Outfit7 Limited
Download APK v1.0.3.186

Talking Tom: Splash Force — throwing water balls defeat raccoons and restore the village for cute animals. This is a colorful arcade game with your favorite characters, including Tom, Angela, Hank and everyone else. The main principle of the game mechanics is about the same as in Angry Birds, but instead of launching birds from a slingshot, you shoot water balls, trying to push raccoons into the cold water. Successfully coped with the task you get coins, having accumulated enough can be repaired destroyed by evil raccoons houses, as well as find the keys that will unlock the cells with animals. As you progress, unlock more charming heroes and dress them up as pirate, astronaut, king and someone else. Fun battles will take place in the jungle, desert, North, tropical island and other places. Talking Tom: Splash Force is a great casual game for Android from the developer Outfit7, the creators of a series of games about Tom the cat and his friends, which will not disappoint you with gameplay, graphics, effects and controls.

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