Space Shooter: Kazus 123

Space Shooter: Kazus 123

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Category : Arcade
Developers: Kendzya Dmitrij
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Space Shooter: Kazus 123 — this is a shooter, the events of which unfold in space, which absorbed all the most delicious of the games of this genre. You are waited for by the fascinating company, 35 obligatory and more than 100 additional missions, and also other, infinite game modes. In addition to the battles with the enemy fleet, You have to prove yourself as a collector of minerals, showing skill in destroying asteroids.

You can have several ships that can and should be changed during the tasks.  Total player available 5 types of ships, each of which has its own characteristics. How and what will shoot the ship, You decide for yourself, for this in the game store You have access to more than 20 types of equipment for your ships, including weapons, grabs and modules. Each unit of equipment and weapons has its own characteristics, which You can improve with the money.

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