Party Hard Go

Party Hard Go

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Category : Arcade
Developers: tinyBuild
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Party Hard Go — casual strategy game for Android devices. In this incredibly crazy and exciting game you will be in the role of a man who is painfully tired of the constant parties, noisy music and neighbors that prevent him from sleeping. But, instead of just going to the police, the main character decided to take a bold and desperate step – to deal with the hype himself, with the help of his faithful knife, intelligence and the environment.

In Party Hard Go gameplay is based on elements of interaction with the surrounding player objects, with which you can build a chain of cruel and unique murders, and you should not catch the eye!

Be smart, blend in with the crowd and be invisible, kill the victims one by one and mislead the unsuspecting citizens. You will find a short but interesting story about a cruel killer, as many as 19 unforgettable levels, the ability to pass the stages in completely different ways, as well as 5 unique game characters to choose from with their history and abilities.

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