Moray Doomsday

Moray Doomsday

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Category : Arcade
Developers: Artem Bulda
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Moray Doomsday — arcade multiplayer game with the possibility of crafting. The game immerses you in a centuries-old battle. For a long time the strongest clans held the onslaught and Moray eels did not penetrate into our peaceful world.But they were able to open portals and captured the entire universe! Who better to stop judgment day than you?

As one of the heroes, you will face many dangers.The battle for freedom is on all fronts! Beware of cunning Moray eels – sometimes the best way to win is to unite,or stay the last among the hellish conditions of the day of judgment. Modifiers, circular saws, spaceships and other devices will simplify your battle.

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