Flappy Nyan

Flappy Nyan

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Category : Arcade
Developers: isTom Games
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Flappy Nyan — a fun arcade game of ingenuity and skill, you have to manage the nanny cat, who learned to fly, but to protect from obstacles and collisions can only you. Play cat nanny and go on a fun journey.

Popular arcade game where Android users need to set new records, flying through the arranged pipes of different colors. Unlike “Floppy Bird”, the developers of cat nannies paid maximum attention to the features of the gameplay and the ever-increasing complexity. You think that only a bird can flap its wings and soar in height, but not. This proves the cookie cat that took off. Group developed by isTom Games, the creators of the successful series of games about Nyan cat, can you imagine playing Flappy Nyan. You can choose the color of the hair of your character, choose a face: whether it’s a cute kitten face or a mask from a horror movie, only you can choose. Players will get a few funny animated figures of cats, a lot of scenery.

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