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Developers: evo42games
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Umwelt — an exciting first-person audio adventure with virtual reality support. In this game you try on the role of a woman reporter who is engaged in the investigation and search for the missing writer. Start a detective search, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, actively participating in current events to shed light on the mysterious story. Gameplay allows you to interact with various objects, such as flipping pages of books, open locked doors and perform many other actions aimed at finding important information.

Each sound is carefully selected and fully corresponds to the movements of the main character, which in conjunction with virtual reality, guarantees unprecedented credibility. Android project Umwelt immerses you in the world of virtual reality, beyond the mobile platform, where first-class voice professional actors equipped with subtitles, realistic VR gameplay with excellent sound effects, a unique control system using the sensors of the mobile device, allowing you to forget about the classic buttons, all sorts of locations, as well as the unpredictable ending of this incredible story.

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