Tiny Klepto

Tiny Klepto

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Category : Adventure
Developers: Tiny Studio Games
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Tiny Klepto — under cover of night to penetrate into the houses of the inhabitants of the town to Grow the fields, to steal valuable things. Here you take on the role of a professional burglar, start from the suburbs and gradually get to the richest mansions in the upper part of the city. In the daytime to develop plans for future robberies and collect the necessary equipment, and when night falls, go to work. Find ways to get inside the house, silently inspect each of the rooms, break locked doors and safes, and then safely take out the loot in your backpack. Increase your reputation in the criminal world to unlock new and richer areas of the city. Despite the pixel graphics, Android game Tiny Klepto is quite an interesting project, where more than 100 items to be stolen, getting new tools and their updates to cope with security systems, simple operation and last but not least, the game is completely free.

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