Raddlesham Mumps

Raddlesham Mumps

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Raddlesham Mumps — grim, but a comic study of the attic of the mansion with a mysterious history. Here is an atmospheric adventure in the genre of quest with a unique visual style and three-dimensional graphics with a high degree of detail. We will tell the story of a little boy named Crispin, who inherited the house of the deceased parents. One day, the main character goes to the attic, where a large number of Antiques. Looking around carefully, Crispin finds a connection between objects, something unites them and thus represents a mystery that you have to solve. Install Android quest The Mystery Of The Raddlesham Mumps to solve a lot of puzzles together with the young hero and learn the secret of things in the attic. Mobile game compares favorably with the typical representatives of the genre, because there is its own unique atmosphere, touching storyline, full three-dimensional graphics and well-chosen music, which together, leaves only a pleasant impression of the gameplay.

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