Elemental Dungeon

Elemental Dungeon

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Category : Adventure
Developers: TBG LIMITED
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Elemental Dungeon – in this pixel role-playing game you have to go to a dangerous but incredibly exciting journey through the dungeons, randomly generated. On your way you will meet hordes of all kinds of monsters, which will not be easy to defeat. Choose your favorite character and play as a Magician, Ronin or Hunter.

Use the environment, improve skills and equipment of your hero to crush even the most powerful opponents. Explore the underworld, find powerful items that will give you a significant advantage in battle, meet strange and dangerous creatures, as well as simultaneously reveal the secrets and mysteries of dungeons.

You will find addictive gameplay, exciting levels, randomly generated, a variety of enemies and monsters, as well as comfortable controls. Combine 3 to 6 components to create a powerful and destructive spell that will instantly destroy a large number of enemies.

Unlock spell scrolls as you progress through the game, learn new magical abilities, and use the environment to your advantage: set fire to the grass to scare off enemies, freeze puddles or blow up barrels. Try to find secret passages in which there can be magic treasures, challenge your friends and defeat them in epic battles


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