Whale Shark Attack Simulator

Whale Shark Attack Simulator

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Developers: BigCode Games
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Whale Shark Attack Simulator – become a huge shark and put the whole ocean on your ears! This whale shark simulator lets you explore the world at a 360 degree angle. Complete tasks, hunt, eat everyone below you in the food chain and develop, bringing terror and fear to all the inhabitants of the underwater environment.

First, we offer to customize the game. For example, you can improve the quality of water, blood, shadows. Adjust the sound and select the slot to save the game. Set up the camera. Now you can start to customize the shark. You should start with the name. Since the game still supports only English, the name will have to enter Latin letters. In the same menu you can choose the color of the shark and its gender.

Opening the shark menu, we can see its characteristics – the current level, experience, health, attack damage, critical hit percentage, speed, strength, agility and other parameters. In the next tab, where the character’s abilities are located, you can spend skill points. There, by the way, there are very useful skills that can not only facilitate the mission, but also save lives.

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