The Sun: Origin (Premium)

The Sun: Origin (Premium)

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Category : Action
Developers: AGaming+
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The Sun: Origin (Premium) — a wave of radioactive particles from the Sun has completely changed the planet, will you be able to survive in a new harsh world. As a result of the global cataclysm, entire cities were wiped out, and only those who took refuge in bunkers deep underground managed to survive. Those who remained on the surface mutated into terrifying creatures. Our hero’s name is Raven, the community in which he lives has almost exhausted its resources and now he is forced to go in search of food through the dangerous land teeming with mutants and wild gangs. It all starts with the fact that the commander gives you a job to find the scout disappeared in one of the raids. Find out where it will lead the Crow and what other adventures he will experience. You will find a stunning action in a post-apocalyptic world with high-quality voice acting and graphics.

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