The Phantom Fable

The Phantom Fable

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Category : Action
Developers: Cartoon Network
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The Phantom Fable — arcade action on Android, in which you have to help Stephen and Connie in saving gems from a dangerous and ancient book. During your journey, you can assemble your team, for this save Grenades, Amethyst and Pearls. Each of the gems has its own unique techniques that will help solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Draw symbols on the screen to apply incredible attacks and abilities. Defeat enemy gems and enclose them in bubbles until they are back in line.

Our heroes have to overcome their fears and fight back distorted vision of the history of gems. Go through all the chapters and solve the mystery of the ancient mysterious book. Also along the way you can collect Lucas’s favorite toys, which he lost in an unknown way. Gather a complete collection of 20 figures familiar from the cartoon!

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