The Last Stand: Apex Battle Royale

The Last Stand: Apex Battle Royale

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Category : Action
Developers: XTEN LIMITED
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The Last Stand: Apex Battle Royale — network action in the genre of battle Royale, where players fight with each other until the last survivor. At the very beginning you determine the location on the map, then there is your character. Go to the house to find weapons and equipment necessary for survival, as well as collect parts to upgrade weapons. The play area shrinks after a certain period, so stay inside the safe radius, otherwise, the character starts to lose lives quickly. Find a secluded place to shoot enemies from a sniper rifle or run ahead with a shotgun, you decide what to choose tactics. The winner is the only player who was able to stay alive. It is also worth noting the personalization of characters, several battle arenas, excellent graphics with a choice of quality and a simplified mobile control system.

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