Space Armada: Star Battles!

Space Armada: Star Battles!

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Space Armada: Star Battles! —in this game you will find yourself in the distant future, where the intergalactic war continues. It was at this point that spaceships turned out to be quite commonplace, so all the fun is just beginning. You will be the commander of this space cruiser, besides spend a lot of time in limitless space.

Battles will take place with other players, so you have to show all their knowledge and incredible opportunities to win. It all starts with a small space cruiser, but then your base will develop, and you get a huge fleet of ships. The choice you will have the opportunity to pick up a six types of ships and starships. Each of them will have their own weapons and armor. Here you will find the leaderboard, and each of the opponents will be in its own League.

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