Rage Squad

Rage Squad

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Category : Action
Developers: ODIS.pl
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Rage Squad — this is a duel between two teams in which you will fight and bring the team winning points. In this game you will have an opportunity to choose one of several unique characters and to act it on the fighting arena. In Team Rumble mode, you have to bring the team winning points, and for this you need to destroy the characters from the opposite team and at the same time not to die. To do this, you will use the unique abilities of each character, one of them is able to hit enemies at a distance with pistols, the other can strongly beat their opponents at close range, and the third is very fast and has in its Arsenal of sharp swords. Each character will have a crown strikes that will be temporary and charged after a certain time.
Play alone for himself in a special game mode, where there will be no teams. In this free For All mode you need to destroy as many opponents as possible to take the first top place. You will have a few minutes to score points and finish the game. Before the game you need to register and only then will be able to enjoy this game.

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