King of Sails: Ship Battle

King of Sails: Ship Battle

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King of Sails: Ship Battle — immerse yourself in the world of exciting battles on sailing ships of the 18th century. The player will become the captain of the ship in the heyday of shipbuilding. The Caribbean sea opens its spaces for battles online. Shoot from guns on military or merchant ships, take the ship to Board, use all your skills in the fight for victory.

Battles take place online. Team up with other players and take part in a large-scale massacre. Fleet to fleet. Win the team that will be able to quickly sink all enemy ships. Battles have sufficient dynamics. Try to hide from enemy volleys, taking advantage of natural obstacles, because in the Caribbean many Islands. In order to avoid boarding, you must stay away from the enemy. The most important thing: take care of the sails of your ship, because they can simply catch fire from a shell hit.

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