Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena

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Developers: uCool
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Heroes Arena — quality MOBA with dynamic and exciting matches in 1 on 1, teams of 3 and 5 people. Before the battle in the arena, choose your favorite hero and fight them in one of three modes. You are expected by classical competitions where it is required to destroy the generator of the opponent which is located at the end of the card. Kill minions and destroy enemy towers on the way to the target, and when you meet the enemy hero, use it all available set of skills.

One of the main factors of victory is tactics, so act harmoniously with other members of your team, then there will be all chances of winning the battle. In the “arena of Heroes” you will find a MOB with classic rules, intuitive and intuitive control scheme, a few dozen characters represented by six different classes, a record of all the matches played, so you can view them and take into account their mistakes, or Vice versa to show victory to friends.

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