Fire Panda

Fire Panda

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Category : Action
Developers: Rogue Games Inc.
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Fire Panda — an action game for Android created by Rogue Games, Inc. Once upon a time there was a prosperous Kingdom in the far East. This Kingdom was threatened by a formidable nomadic tribes of warriors known as the Mongols. The rules of the Kingdom decided to build a wall to keep the Mongols at Bay. People called it the great Wall, and it covered the entire length of the border.

On the day Of the Dragon Hong Festival, the youngest recruit pulled out a short straw and was left behind. Here, on the great wall, nothing ever happens, ” he sighed. But the Mongols knew that The dragon Festival was celebrated on the same night, and they prepared a terrible surprise for our young and unsuspecting hero … and for the rest of the Kingdom.

Peculiar properties:

  • Great graphics.
  • Incredible action!
  • Gorgeous looking collectibles: collect all the costumes and hats to make Hong look incredible!
  • Bonus levels!
  • Defeat the terrible Mongol bosses!
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