Game of Kings: The Blood Throne

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne

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Category : Strategy
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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne — in this Android game everything will happen in real time, and you will fight terrible armies of dragons, monsters and other creatures.

You have to get to your main dream, build a huge Empire and eventually become a real king. This game project is already played by a million players from around the world. Try to gather numerous resources, create your own Empire, and fully train your army. Try to collect a powerful defense, create an Alliance, and destroy a lot of monsters.

Create a powerful army, start your own war and defeat all enemies. Soon you will sit on the iron throne to build your Empire and rule a huge Kingdom. You can play against other players, engage in epic confrontations and explore a huge map of the world.

Try to collect a large number of resources, improve your construction and learn new technologies. A huge number of soldiers, unique characters and other technologies. Free project that will help you break away and learn a new game world.

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