DC Legends: Battle for Justice

DC Legends: Battle for Justice

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DC Legends: Battle for Justice — turn-based role-playing game with your favorite superheroes from the comics. In the DC universe, another conflict is brewing. The reason for this is the supervillain Nekron, eager to seize power. To fight him and his minions, the user needs to assemble a team of heroes. The game mechanics here are similar to any turn-based RPG. Characters attack in turn, causing simple beats mixed with combos.

Each hero uses his superpowers: Batman relies on gadgets, Wonder Woman – on sword, lasso of truth and bracelets, and Superman shoots lasers from his eyes. You can control the characters both independently and by putting them on autopilot. It is worth noting that the development of the characters is not in place, and their ability to pump. Not spared the game and the battle of 1 on 1, in which you can compete with other users.

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