Darkest Winter: Last Survivor

Darkest Winter: Last Survivor

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Category : Action
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Darkest Winter: Last Survivor — try to survive in the cold taiga, fighting wild animals and zombies. The plane of the main character is in distress in a remote area, he survived the crash, but around for many kilometers only snow and he will have to somehow survive in harsh conditions. Try to survive in a huge snow-covered world where the only mistake will lead to tragic consequences. Find useful resources exploring the territory, build a safe shelter from the collected materials, equip your character with the necessary things and go on adventures to even more distant places. It should be well armed, because you are sure to meet enemies, such as dangerous predators, the walking dead, mutants, as well as other players. Make the right decisions, for example, you can safely avoid a stranger or attack him to take away valuable supplies. Prove that you are able to overcome all the difficulties and survive in this cruel and cold land.

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