Critter Outbreak

Critter Outbreak

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Category : Casual
Developers: Innokas media ky
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Critter Outbreak – interesting game for Android. It is no secret that children’s imagination is much better developed than that of adults, since they are not yet constrained by the framework of all kinds of patterns and conventions, simply knowing nothing about them. That is why many children live in the power of their own fantasies, surrounding themselves with fictional characters and invisible creatures from the world of fairy tales. Some of them make them scared to pull the blanket higher and leave the night light on, so as not to be in the dark, at the mercy of invented monsters. And others, such as the characters of this game, quite the contrary, are able to cheer and give a lot of the most positive emotions… In this colorful game your child will have to look for and catch small animals that ran away from the cage and hid where: in the dense forest, on the ocean floor and even at home in your hero – in the game room!

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