Chernobyl 2: Chase

Chernobyl 2: Chase

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Chernobyl 2: Chase — go through the veil of time and try to prevent the coolest disaster in the world. If download Chernobyl 2. Chase on Android you can learn about a completely crazy game. The player will be in a world that is really going crazy, but there is a real opportunity to change the future, preventing disaster. It is necessary to drive a huge number of kilometers from the capital of Russia to the state in America. It will be a very long and dangerous journey. The player will pass through time and feel all the exciting intrigue. Try to stop the zone forever and maybe the world will be better and brighter. In front of the player, which can download Chernobyl 2. The pursuit of Android will be a global task to eliminate the danger from Chernobyl before it is committed. In those days, it killed a huge number of people, and the whole earth became extinct. This event will forever remain in history and in the memory of people who have experienced terrible times. As a result of the explosion at Chernobyl were infected people and animals. There were the real Zombies and mutants, from which you need to get rid of during the adventure. To do this, the player must equip your car with powerful machine guns or RAM. Try to destroy a huge number of enemies along the way. For this player will receive points, and they can already buy improvements.

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