Attack on Titan: Assault

Attack on Titan: Assault

Updated: May 5th, 2021 at 8:19 pm
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Category : Action
Developers: ameSamba
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Attack on Titan: Assault —turn-based strategy. The game is based on the same name manga (Japanese comic), which is released monthly since 2009. Attack on Titan: Assault was created with the official permission of the publishing house “Kodansya”, so the credibility of the story can be no doubt. The plot revolves around teenagers who were brought up within three walls separating the survivors from the man-eating tyrants. After the last wall was destroyed, the heroes of the game were forced to join the army and fight with huge humanoid monsters for the remains of humanity.

Peculiar properties:

  • Intuitive gameplay in the style of old role-playing games
  • Full Japanese RPG with QTE-control
  • A large universe with many cities
  • A set of characters, cards and combinations
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