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MFBox — it is a tool that provides absolute privacy and anonymity. Chats MFBox messenger secret by default. We know absolutely nothing about our users. This app is made to keep as much of your data as possible truly YOURS!

VNN can do anything a VPN implements, and more.

• Imperceptible. For an outside observer, everything looks like a normal visit to the site, only securely encrypted.
• Non-blocking. If “something went wrong”, the application will immediately respond, and the connection itself will go through the new tunnel without interrupting the connection.
• Anonymous. You can register MFBox with crypto. All registration data will be only for you. MriE1ciMZYNm9GT3k4E8UGjc2zDGTRa1tra —approximately so it will look like your account. Nothing else.
• Convenient. You do not have to turn VNN on and off when you switch from one application to another. You can choose which apps it works for and which ones it doesn’t.

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