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GameGuardian — an application that is useful to you for hacking games on Android. With this application, you can change the stock of money, health indicators, ammunition, and other characteristics necessary for a successful game. In General, we can say that in front of you is a typical cheater software, the main purpose of which is to simplify your gameplay.

The most fun feature of the app is to increase or slow down the time, which will allow you to control the time in the game.

However, you must understand that with the application, you will not be able to break the all-line games, as all the data in them are not stored on your computer, but somewhere on a remote server. You also need to warn that for the full functioning of the program, you will need root rights.

The application is easy to use, so even a person who is very far from all this will be able to use it. The interface with its functionality is extremely simple and intuitive. So you can understand it in just a few seconds. Also in the program perfectly implemented search for the values you need.

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