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Google Play Store

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Google Play Store – the official content store on Android, which contains everything, namely: books, music, movies, press, applications and games. In the play store there are more than 600 thousand applications and games for every taste, and their number is constantly growing.

Thanks to this program, now every user of a smartphone or tablet that has access to the Internet can use this application. In it you can find free and paid products: high-quality music, movies in HD-quality, games of different genres, as well as almost all the books in the world. This service is an excellent replacement for all file sharing, including torrents.

Google Play Store has a convenient and simple interface in which everything is divided into categories. Each product has its own rating and reviews, which, by the way, are exhibited only after downloading the content. There is a keyword search system that makes navigation much easier. It is also worth noting that all the applications that have been purchased and installed will be linked to your account. Therefore, if you lose or purchase a new device, all purchased applications can be reinstalled by logging in with your account.

You can pay for goods in the Google Play Store through a Bank card or mobile account. Payment via PayPal is also available. If you do not like the paid product, you can return the money within two weeks.

Developers can easily monetize your creation: you need a special account, the cost of which is in the range of 25-30$. In General, the play market is considered to be one of the best due to the huge range of digital products and constant updates and improvements within the service.

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