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SleepTown — this is a wonderful app that will help You develop a habit of healthy and regular sleep.Build amazing buildings, just waking up in time and falling asleep, thus achieving your sleep goals.

You’re always on the phone? So addicted to your phone that you’re always late? If You suffer from the fact that you stay up late on the phone, or suffer from insomnia, if You want to develop a habit of healthy and sound sleep, the application “SleepTown” is a great solution to all Your problems!

The app “SleepTown” will help You:

  • Get rid of phone addiction, thereby increasing sleep duration
  • Build a healthy sleep regime for 4-10 hours a day
  • Create amazing buildings, every day reaching the goal of sleep and awakening
  • It’s easy to Wake up every morning, creating a good motivation – building a new amazing building every morning
  • Follow Your progress on your city page
  • With night mode, You can reduce the brightness of the screen
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