ZAO (deepfake)

ZAO (deepfake)

Updated: October 31st, 2021 at 10:17 pm
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ZAO (deepfake) – with the emergence of neural networks to change labor-intensive activities according to video editing – the possibility of the computer method. It in addition once confirms deepface-addition allowing to mount own person in each episode of the Hollywood movie, without cutting into details of processing of video material in any way. However, not absolutely all users liked this addition.

Just over 2 days ZAO went to the top row of weird App Store and Android market. Developers add-ons have moved the company Momo, which is one with the major streaming platforms to Dating in the state. ZAO included in the method of treatment deepface, is replaced person a unique character to each other. And this is accomplished only because of a certain number of seconds.. In the study of the method took a number of hours.


Unfortunately, you are able to enter the project only with the Chinese number.
You need to find a Chinese virtual number, which is now difficult to do.

Sites that can help you find numbers:


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