A Kiss from Death: Romance You Choose

A Kiss from Death: Romance You Choose

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Category : Simulation
Developers: Genius Inc
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A Kiss from Death: Romance You Choose — exciting novel on Android, where you will play the role of the heroine, experiencing a romance with the grim reapers. You are given new eyes to see the world again … but not everything is as it seems…

Your life flowed quietly until you were in a mysterious accident that deprived you of the ability to see. Your father gave you a corneal transplant and your vision is restored, you feel that you are on the way to recovery. However, your new eyes have an unusual ability … see evil spirits. Running away from one of them, you come across three beautiful strangers who rescue you, and then claim to be grim reapers. Knowing that your newfound abilities can cost you your life, they offer you protection … as living bodyguards? Can you protect yourself from the grim reapers and reveal the secret of your eyes?

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